About Us

That started with a gathering of friends...

But we lacked the games we were looking for.
So I worked on it, and I made a lot of games.

And when friendship grew closer and we no longer identified ourselves into all the games opposing people so freely, I took the next step and worked on many types of cooperative games.

It is in 2006 that I founded the Role & Strategy company. We started with Astoria, which encountered a large success despite a number of challenges.

Four years later, in 2010, I expanded activities with computer game development, starting immediately with EXODE and Sylvenia. When EXODE development had to stall because of lack of funding, I continued to move on, and began passionately coding Fantasy Dynasty as EXODE would resume as soon as funds would come.

We have the chance of being in the gaming world, a place where many concepts have still never been tried, where strong licenses and big studios may sometimes propose regression instead of evolution, leaving the challenge to enhance them to the hands of new studios.

And there are fortunately many new studios around with skill and creativity. We are not competitors as we all make new products, new games and new visions.

Technically strong thanks to some proprietary technologies we developed, we joined this gathering of developers, of dreamers and artists, to try to provide to you, players, the best games we can get, to the best of our ability.

We thank them

In addition to being a very beautiful game (and really costless in addition to that), Astoria is a very good game. I am eager to see what this new team of publishers will do in the future.

- Blue, from TricTrac website

Sylvenia is a very amusing game based on a very interesting idea. If you like games like Magic or Spectromancer or Poker, you'll love Sylvenia.

- Uptodown review, 5/5 score

Astoria is a game like we rarely see: it mixes, with such harmony thanks to the balance and variety the game has, both cooperation and gaming.

- Pak, from TricTrac website